quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2015

Around the World Blog Hop

When Krista from helmojajahepeneita (amazing lady, just check the dresses she made for her this week, adorable mother of four) nominated me I was very surprised but pleased of course, I agree with her that this is a very nice idea and a great way to meet and introduce new blogs. 
So, thank you Krista! 

What am I working on?
Actually I'm working on my first quilt. I always wanted to make one, a simple square quilt but I kept postponing that project. Now that a new baby is coming along in April (or maybe in the end of March), I felt that I should do it now. It has been a very interesting process and I'm in love with the outcome already and I'm just at the beginning. ( I'm having a little help from another fantastic lady/mother/blogger/you name it, you might know from saidos da concha
After the quilt, I'm going to make two very different dresses for my little one, Miss Caracolinhos, that are already on my cutting table... one more classical and a knit one.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Honestly, I don't know. I try to look to others as an inspiration not in comparison because otherwise I would freeze and do nothing. :-) I'm relatively new at this sewing business and there are numerous sewing bloggers that are more creative, more proficient and even more talented as a whole than me so I try to do as Tina Fey says and just do my thing. (I think this is a survival method because I could spend hours just looking at blogs, admiring other people's work and not doing a thing myself because I feel "they" just did something so beautiful that I could never do a thing that compares... nuts? probably...)

Why do I create what I do?
It's a need. A need for a clear mind, for busy hands, for that feeling you get when you finish turning a beautiful fabric into something even better. The rush I get when I look back in pride and I say I did it... well, when someone says it is nice too. :-) Nowadays my little girl says it all the time!

How does my creative process work?
Simple, I fall in love. When I started I fell in love with a fabric and then I went from there. Now, after the bug-pattern caught me, I normally fall in love with a pattern, I buy it and then I search for the right fabric for it. I've bought fabric from everywhere, the local market or japan, as long as I love it (not like it, huge difference) and I can afford it... I wish I could buy more (I bet 98% of the ones who are reading this can relate) but I have to buy food also. ;-) 

And now it's finally time to reveal the two bloggers I choose to pass along these questions!

They are both beautiful, honest, funny and very talented ladies that inspire me in different ways... so I'm grateful they crossed my path.

Rita from conversas de hermanas and Magda from house of estrela.

I'm in no way responsible if you get addicted to their blogs! :-)

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  1. Ohhhh estou comovida!!! So tu querida Patricia... :-) After the crazy week we al have ahead (KCW) I will dedicate time to it!

    1. :-) Rita, és tudo o que disse e mais por isso é justificado o elogio!

  2. Minha querida Patricia! You are such a wonderful friend! <3

  3. Thank you Patricia <3 It was a joy to read this and I'm so glad you had time to do this! I can not wait to see your quilt, I'm sure it's beautiful :)

  4. Gostei muito de ler e ficar a conhecer um pouco mais "este pequeno mundo". O meu primeiro projecto quando estava na segunda gravidez também foi uma quilt para o berço. Adorei e fiquei viciada (o meu Pinterest é prova disso). Estou a fazer uma segunda, para a minha sobrinha, mas com outros projectos pelo meio, ainda não a consegui acabar. Estou curiosa para ver a tua.

    1. Bem-vinda por estes lados Diana. Sim, um quilt é uma coisa para se fazer devagar, com paciência e carinho... eu estou com medo de ficar viciada em mais uma coisa! :-)

  5. Gostei de saber um bocadinho mais sobre ti e o blog :-) Estou curiosa para ver o quilt e ler as respostas das tuas nomeadas ;-)


Escrevam-me de volta. Gosto de saber que não estou a "falar" sozinha.... :-)