quarta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2017

Inespiration; Inês és uma inspiração!

When I knew a surprised was being planned for Inês, I felt so happy for her that I really wanted to be a part of it. Inês is one of the sweetest persons I know (and I know a lot of sweet people) and a very dear friend. ;-)
Since I met her for the first time, we've shared lots of fabric buying, lots of sewing plans, tips and tricks, and words of encouragement in moments of sewing despair (see, what I did here? I can see Inês making this joke also ;-). Soon, we've become friends and I love talking to her about all sorts of stuff, sewing, our kids, people that drive us made, and so on.
She's a truly inspiring women. She has the best wardrobe and I'm sure those theet of hers are just perfect, look at that smile. I tried to smile on my pictures because I was Inespired but... well, we are doing our best! 
My fabric choices were easy, they are fabrics I bought with Inês! My pattern choices were easy too, I made the Bento Tee and the Waterfall Raglan, two patterns we both love and have both donne several times. 
I made these with slight modifications, something that Inês is a master at doing. Well, modfications and hacks in her case. ;-) In the Bento Tee I enlarged the neckline a bit and the lenght of it (I used view A lenght) because of personal taste and in the Waterfall Raglan I lenght it also, omitted the ruffle and added some small cuffs to the sleeves. I love both patterns and I know Inês does too. 

In the end I hope Inês knows I love her and threasure her friendship. So much I blogged and took pictures ;-) ah ah ah ah 

Want to see more? Just take your pick below because all these ladies are sharing their love for Inês! 

5 comentários:

  1. I love both of your tops! They are perfect on you - and your hacks work so beautifully!!

  2. They look great, and really suit you.

  3. I LOVE the fabrics for both tops. Gorgeous colors.

  4. Ohh minha querida como eu estou grata por estarmos neste caminho da vida juntas! <3 Adoro os dois tops claro, acho que vou ter de copiar a Waterfall sem folho, está linda e tu maravilhosa! Obrigada pela surpresa tão infinitamente fabulosa, o meu coração ficou cheio por muito tempo. E agora já fiquei chei de saudades e temos de nos ver rápido! Beijos do coração.


Escrevam-me de volta. Gosto de saber que não estou a "falar" sozinha.... :-)